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Choosing to get married in church is a wonderful decision! Not only will you have a beautiful venue, most importantly you will be asking God to bless you in your new lives together.

It is also a big decision and you no doubt have lots of questions about the process or whether or not you can get married in St. John's - check out our FAQ below.

When you are ready, get in touch with our  Priest the Revd Tracey Byrne who would be delighted to have a chat in more detail with you about marriage and about your plans.

 Tel: 07951 304618

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Frequently asked


"Who can Get married in st. john's?"

Getting married in a Church of England church is a legal ceremony. As such there are certain requirements as to who can get married in St. John's:

  • If you have lived in this parish for 6 months or more, at any time during your lives (click here to check which parish you live in)

  • If this is the parish where you were baptised and/or confirmed.

  • If you have attended worship in this parish for at least 6 months.

  • If this is the parish where your parents have lived or worshipped (during your lifetime)

  • If your parents or grandparents were married in this parish

"I'm divorced - can i still get married here?"

If either of you has been divorced before, that isn't a barrier for getting married in the Church of England and we would love to welcome you. 


If you've been married more than once, this is something the priest will want to chat to you about when you meet to plan the big day.

The priest will also need to see the decree absolute.


Banns are a legal requirement and must be published in church three times before the wedding.

If you live outside of this parish banns will need to be called both here and in the church where you live.

We call banns from the first Sunday of the month, and generally we do it two months before your wedding.

Lots of couples love coming to church with family and friends to hear their banns read - it's a really lovely occasion and makes it all very real! It's also a good opportunity to visit church 'in situ' and meet some of the church community: whether you are a churchgoer or not, we will keep you in our prayers on your wedding day.


No. The current legal position is that  same-sex couples cannot marry in a Church of England church.

We lament deeply the pain this has caused to gay and lesbian couples and remain committed to being a place of affirmation, welcome and love for all people.

We would love to offer a service of prayer and thanksgiving following your civil marriage service.

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