Our journey continues....

Following the Government imposition of legal Covid restrictions on the 6th December 2021 the PCC has  adopted a staged approach to making arrangements for our services.

We will reduce the social distance restrictions to 1 metre, and the chairs will be rearranged to enable this change to happen. This will enable us to the increase the number of people who can attend the service.

We recognise many people will not wish to return immediately: that is absolutely fine! We will continue

to live stream services through our You Tube Channel and meet on Zoom for coffee.

For those of you who would like to return, this page is designed to give you information about the health and safety precautions we are taking and how we can all minimise the risk.

The Safety Group, which advises the PCC (church council), has thought long and hard about the new habits that we need to adopt in order to keep each other safe. The PCC has put in place a set of policies and procedures to prevent the virus entering the building, and to minimise the risk of it spreading in the building.

Entering church and social distancing

Please retain the use of ​face coverings while attending worship  in St. John's.

Upon entering, please  sanitise your hands. 

The steward will show each household group to their seats and will escort you from there at the end of the service.

Toilets will remain open, though we would ask they are used either at the start or the end of the service.

We have also restarted serving tea and coffee after the service. This is organised in a way that enables us to maintain social distancing rather than lining up at the hatch. I  you wish to help please contact Dorothy Dexter.

After the service, a member of the Ministry team will be in the churchyard to greet people, keeping in mind social distancing requirements.

A different liturgical experience

We are a Eucharistic community: the Mass is at the heart of who we are. As such, the service will remain Eucharistic, though without incense and servers. As such, the service will be shorter but will include the usual and familiar beautiful liturgy.


Singing by the congregation is currently remains  suspended in church, though a single cantor is permitted. 


The giving and receiving of communion will be done in a safe and appropriate manner and will be in one kind only (i.e. the host).

In times past, we gather around the altar to receive, for now the priest will bring the sacrament to you. If you would prefer not to receive the sacrament that is absolutely fine.