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St. John's

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February 26th marks the beginning of Lent, 40 days when Christians prepare for Holy Week when we remember Christ's crucifixion and celebrate His Resurrection.

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Thursdays, 7pm



Sunday 22nd December


Lent Course, 

Every Thursday in Lent (from the 27th),

7pm in Room 4

Our Lent course this year will focus on the Eucharist – what is it, what’s it for, what are we doing when we join together in this central act of worship?


We shall be basing our discussions on the Church of England’s Pilgrim study guide.

All very welcome!


Sunday 5th April

10am: Eucharist with Procession

6pm: Taize Eucharist


10am Eucharist and Procession with palms


We mark the beginning of Holy week by commemorating Jesus' entry into Jerusalem.

With palm crosses and leaves, we begin with a procession around the local area before moving into church. There, in preparation for the rest of the week, we hear the Passion Gospel before celebrating the Eucharist together.


Thursday 9th April - 7.30pm

Agape Meal, Holy Communion

(with the washing of feet and stripping of the altars)

Followed by Prayer Vigil


6pm: Taizé Eucharist

The contemplative prayer form known as Taizé takes its name from the Taizé community in France.

To mark the start of Holy Week, we are exciting to be having a Eucharist in the style of Taizé. This is a form of prayer made up simple chants, music and silence culminating in the mutual sharing of Holy Communion.

Join us for this powerful and evocative service.

Maundy Thursday, 9th April: 7.30pm

Agape Meal, Holy Communion and Prayer Vigil

Join us as we begin with a simple meal together, as Jesus and His disciples did on that Thursday all those years ago.


After, we move to the for the washing of the feet (entirely optional!) before we celebrate the Eucharist.

After all have received, the High Altar is stripped and the nave altar is transformed into the altar of repose - our own Garden of Gethsemane. As Christ commanded, 'keep watch' in a prayer vigil until Midnight (feel free to stay for as little or as long as you like, or to come and go at any point).

Join us for this powerful start to the Triduum  - the three days of prayer and reflection leading up to Easter Day.


10th April

10am: Messy Easter

2pm:Stations of the Cross & Liturgy of Good Friday:  


Good Friday, 10th April:

Messy Easter: 10am

Join us as for a morning of fun with crafts, stories and food as we discover what Easter is all about and enjoy lots of exciting activities, finishing with an Easter Egg hunt for all ages!

Stations of the Cross, Liturgy of Good Friday: 2pm

We prepare for the hour of Jesus' Crucifixion by prayerfully marking out the journey He made to the cross.

There will be space for prayer, reflection and veneration of the cross before finally leaving in silence.


12th April

5.30am: Dawn Service and Easter Vigil

10am: Parish Eucharist for Easter Day



Christmas Day



Easter Sunday: 12th April

Dawn Service with Easter Vigil and Eucharist, followed by breakfast: 5.30am

Join us for this most moving and powerful service as we encounter the Resurrected Christ.


We gather outside church and light the Easter fire. We hear of God's story of salvation before moving into Church to celebrate the first communion of Easter. 

As an extra treat (and reward for those who are still awake!) we follow our celebrations by breakfast. All very welcome.

Parish Eucharist 10am

Join us for our sung Parish Eucharist where with hymns, Word and sacrament we celebrate the risen Christ. All very welcome.