The APCM (the church’s AGM) will be happening on 24th April immediately after the 10am Parish Eucharist.  

At the APCM the following elections will take place: 

-       PCC members (to be eligible, you need to be on the Electoral Roll and be nominated by two people on the           .  Electoral Roll.  As the PCC are legal Trustees, you must be eligible to act as a trustee.) 

-                                                                              Two churchwardens.

-                                                                              Deanery Synod reps.

-                                                         Deputy Churchwardens and Stewards myst 




Meeting of Parishioners to elect Church Wardens
(Any adult resident in the Ecclesiastical parish of  Carrington or on the Electoral Roll os St. John's may vote in this meeting)

1      Opening Prayer

2     Consideration of the Electoral Roll (The roll itself will not be given in full full distribution for

        Data Protection reasons).    

3     Minutes of last Meeting of Parishioners

4    Election of Church Wardens

5    Election of Deputy Church Wardens.

Annual Church Meeting 

(only those on the Electoral of St. John's may vote in the meeting)

1    Apologies

2   Additional items for the Agenda ( with consent of 2/3 of this meeting)

3   Minutes of last Annual Parochial Church Meeting

4   Matters arising from the last meeting.

5   Election of Parochial Church Councillors (9 total as per Church Representation Rules, 

        4 spaces for election 2022)

6   Consideration of the Church Wardens Report on the Fabric, Goods and

      Ornaments of the Church.

7   Safeguarding and Protection Report

8   Deanery Synod Report.   (Not yet Available.)

9   Secretary's Report.

10  Treasurers Report                                         11  Charity Commission Report.

12  Music Report.

13  Ministry Report  

14  Any additional items as previously notified at not 2 above.

Closing Prayer.