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The 2018 pilgrimage will take place between the 28th and 30th September and an initial 20 places have been reserved. Accommodation will be on a full board basis commencing on the Friday PM and concluding mid afternoon on the Sunday. Cost: Adults £134.00, Children (Age 5 - 16) £80.40, Under 5’s free. Reserve you place now with Ray Hotson the organiser. A deposit of £30 should accompany your booking.


This annual pilgrimage is a great blessing to all who make the journey to pray in that holy place. Have a word with folk who have been before if you are unsure about whether you might value the experience. (Almost everyone does…)

St John's Branch of the Mother's union

St John's Mother's union was founded over 120 years ago and has been a vibrant and active part of the life and community of St Johns Church Carrington since its beginning. Along with the three million members of the world wide membership of the Mothers Union we support through prayer and finance, literacy and development programmes in many countries around the world.

We continue to be active in encouraging and supporting family life within the Nottingham and Southwell Diocese. We meet on the 2nd Wednesday of the month [NO MEETINGS IN JANUARY OR AUGUST] at 2pm in St John's Carrington Church and Community Centre Mansfield Road ,coming together for prayer and worship, sharing information, learning from our speakers the work that is happening locally, in the deanery, diocese and the worldwide fellowship. Everyone is welcome, whatever age, male and female to support all aspects of caring for families and family life throughout the world.

Programme 2018/2019

12th September 2018

New Season Mass.

Revd David Jones.

10th October 2018

Deanery Festival @ St. Mary's Bulwell.

14th November 2018


Loureen Skinner.

 7th December 2018 

Pre Christmas Party.

 12th December 2018

Children's  Drama Teaching.

Rachael Pacey

13th February 2019

Holiday Talk.

John  Glover.

13th March 2019

Lent Talk.


10th April 2019

MU Theme of the year.

 Lucille Porter.

8th May 2019

Emmanuel House.

Dennis Tully

12th June 2019

Meal Out.

10th July 2019

Flower Giving & AGM followed by a Strawberry Tea.

The organisation was founded by Mary Sumner in 1876 in the Church of England of Old Alresford near Winchester, where her husband was rector. She was inspired to start the movement after the birth of her first grandchild. Remembering her own difficulties when she was first a mother, Sumner wanted to bring mothers of all social classes together to provide support for one another and to be trained in motherhood, something which she saw as a vocation.

Membership is for anyone who is baptised and wishes to support the Mothers' Union Vision, Purpose, Aims and Objectives. It is for both men and women, regardless of age or marital status.

Mary Sumner also felt that as it grew, Mothers' Union was in danger of losing the parochial feeling of friendship and support between members. So, from 1893 annual general meetings were held. Three years later the Central Council was set up with Mary being unanimously elected President. She remained actively involved until she died in 1921 .

Every Year some half a million pilgrims make their way to the small Norfolk village of Little Walsingham to worship at the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham. It was in 1061 the Lady of the Manor of Walsingham, Lady Richeldis de Faverches, had a vision of the Holy Virgin in which she was instructed to build a replica of the Holy House in Nazareth , the house in which the Archangel Gabriel had told Mary that she would be the mother of Christ.

The original house was just 13ft by 23ft and made of wood, later to be enclosed in stone. An Augustinian Priory was established in 1153 to protect the shrine and to provide accommodation for the pilgrims. The Priory which is now in ruins remained a place of pilgrimage until its destruction in 1538 during the reformation.

Pilgrimages to Walsingham was revived in 1922 when the vicar of Walsingham Fr Alfred Hope Patten restored the devotion by placing an image of our Lady in the parish church. In 1931 the image was translated to the newly built Holy House around which the present day Shrine Church was constructed.

During the course of the year over 10,000 pilgrims stay at the Anglican Shrine with most people attending on a pilgrimage organized by their local church either for a weekend or for three/four days midweek. Whilst the regular pilgrim programme runs throughout the season the Shrine also organisers  a number of special events that cater for particular groups.

St. John’s has a long tradition of pilgrimages to the Shrine. In 2017 it was again conducted over the last weekend of September when 18 pilgrims left St. John’s for Walsingham for a programme under the theme ‘Mary Guide on the Way’ which was designed for parochial as well as corporate devotions.

Friday: Starting at St. John’s at midday with a short service concluding with a blessing  before our departure for the Shrine. In the evening after dinner we made our first visit to the Holy House before attending a parish Mass in the Barn Chapel where we joined with the parish of All Saints Darton with the Mass conducted by Fr. Jonathan McGillivray our former parish priest.

Saturday: The morning was set aside for parish activities firstly following the outside Stations of the Cross before after ti Lunch offering our personal and parish intercessions in the Holy House. The rest of the afternoon was free providing relaxation although most pilgrims took the opportunity to explore the village before returning for the Concelebrated Pilgrimage Mass.

After the evening meal we returned to the Shrine Church for the address before participating in the hi-light of the evening the Candlelit procession of our lady around the grounds of the Shrine. This service concluded with the exposition of the Sacrament being placed on the altar.

Sunday: Along with the other pilgrims we joined the parishioners at St. Mary’s Walsingham for a concelebrated Mass in the Parish Church . After lunch our final afternoon began with Sprinkling at the Well, after which pilgrims were able to receive the layng on of hands and or anointing. After a short break we returned to The Shrine Church to commence  the procession of the Blessed  Sacrament through the grounds before returning to the Shrine Church for Benediction. The pilgrimage concluded with corporate last visit to the Holy House.

Pilgrimage is about the whole of our life, the social and spiritual sides of our nature are involved. Going on ‘pilgrimage' is very different to making a ‘retreat', whether its participating in group or corporate liturgies or enjoying a leisurely stroll to the sea at Wells next the Sea or at the end of the day relaxing over coffee or a glass of wine in the company of our fellow pilgrims.

People attend Walsingham for many different reasons. For some of us it has been a place we have visited over most of our Christian lives. It remains a place for both old and new, a place of peace and natural beauty. It is also a place where perhaps we have found the veil between heaven and earth so very thin.

2018 Pilgrimage

St John’s Annual Pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham