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Henry Groves of Nottingham (Jonathan Wallace) has effected a complete reconfiguring of the organ in a new case built by them (designed by the church architect after an idea from the Diocesan organ adviser, Paul Hale). A new building frame and Swell box have been constructed, along with a largely new wind system and blower. Additional stops are the Great and Pedal reed rank, the Swell Principal, Mixture and Oboe, and the Pedal Open Wood. Some of these materials are matching Yates ranks from his organ in Arnold Methodist Church and the Swell Oboe is from the Norman & Beard organ (1913) previously in Holy Trinity Church Southwell. A new, upgraded combination system has also been installed.

Roger Yates Organ

The organ now in our church was originally built for the house of a Mr A E Allen in Radcliffe-on-Trent around 1930, by Roger Yates, an organ builder most noted for his skill at ‘voicing' pipes. The organ was moved to Carrington in 1949 by Hill, Norman & Beard and installed in a small chamber which used to separate the chancel from the north aisle Lady Chapel. Unusually it spoke in two directions: the Great and Pedal into the Chancel and the Swell into the Lady Chapel. In 1991 it was modernised and a new action installed by Wood of Huddersfield, and in this state it might have happily remained for many years. However, the redevelopment of the church necessitated the removal of the organ to a new west end gallery, where for the first time in its life it speaks boldly and clearly down the Nave.


Great organ

Swell organ

 Pedal organ

1 Violone (pedal) 16
2 Open Diapason 8
3 Claribel flute 8
4 Viola 8
5 Octave 4
6 Fifteenth 2
7 Mixture 19.22.26 III
8 Posaune 8
9 Oboe (swell) 8

Swell to Great

1 Geigen 8
2 Bourdon 8
3 Salicional 8
4 Vox Angelica (TenC) 8
5 Principal 4
6 Flute Ouverte 4
7 Ocatvin 2
8 Cornet 12.17 II
9 Mixture 15.19.22 III
10 Bassoon 16
11 Trompette 8
12 Oboe 8

Unison Off
Sub Octave

1 Open Diapason 16
2 Violone 16
3 Sub Bass 16
4 Quint 10 2/3
5 Principal 8
6 Flute 8
7 Fifteenth 4
8 Octave Flute 4
9 Posaune 16
10 Bassoon (swell) 16

Swell to Pedal
Great to Pedal
Great to Pedal Combinations Coupled


Console and controls

Drawstop console by Roger Yates in solid rosewood
with ivory and ebony keys, ivory and rosewood
stop-knobs; sympathetic later alterations by HNB,
Wood and Groves .

5 thumb pistons to Great
5 thumb pistons to Swell
5 toe pistons to Pedal
5 toe pistons to Swell
5 general thumb pistons
Tutti thumb piston

key compass: manuals 61 notes; pedals 32 notes
reversible thumb piston for Swell to Great
reversible thumb piston for Great to pedal
reversible thumb piston for Swell to pedal
General cancel piston
Setter piston
200 levels of memory for pistons (Musicom system)

swell shutter engine (electric, AJ Taylor)